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JATS-Con - a peer-reviewed conference dedicated to JATS

Mailing lists

The JATS-List:


The NISO site is extremely difficult to navigate.

Many documents related to JATS on the NISO site can be found by starting at the JATS Standing Committee page. The "Documents" tab there lists official published documents (four at the time of this writing), and entering "JATS" into the search box reveals a longer list (ten at the this time).

Style guides

  • Each of the Tag Libraries includes a section on "Common Tagging Practice". For example, the Journal Publishing Tag Library 1.1d3
  • PMC Tagging Guidelines
  • JATS4R ("JATS for Reuse") -- "is a working group devoted to optimising the reusability of scholarly content by developing best-practice recommendations for tagging content in JATS XML."
  • Atypon?
  • Silverchair?
  • others?

Other pages here

JATS-to-MARC mapping